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If you’re looking to train your workforce, we have a scalable solution to meet your needs. We educate workers for nearly all industries, as well as educational institutions and government agencies. We can meet your needs if you have a work force from five to 10,000 plus. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the very best online safety training in the industry.

Benefits of Convenience

Using our world class video-based online courses and on-site safety audit services Convenience Learning provides an affordable way to avoid costly OSHA training compliance fines, reduce the risk of accidents and injuries to your employees and protect your profits from safety related losses. We will help you build a World Class Safety Organization.

Effective Training

Our courses include practice activities that actively involve the learner in the instruction. When the learner answers a question incorrectly the system provides remedial instruction and reviews the material until the learner can answer correctly. All questions in the course are fully narrated. If you require courses in Spanish or French we have more than 50 of them. Closed captioning is available to assist hearing impaired students.

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