Learning Management System

Included with all our courses is an enterprise-class Learning Management System— MasteryNet LMS. In seconds you will know who has been trained, who needs to be trained and whose training is past due.

Ease of Use

When your learners log on, they will see only those courses that have been assigned to them, as well as the due date and the status of the training. As learners complete the course ware, assignments will drop down to the completed section. So, just by logging on, learners can see the status of all of their training assignments. If annual training is required, the course will automatically re-appear in the assignment section when the course is due again.

MasteryNet takes all of the work out of ongoing assignment management. You can use MasteryNet’s powerful assignment controls and scheduling features to make sure that your workers never miss an important training assignment.

In addition to tracking all of your online training, you will also be able to track your offline training. MasteryNet includes a feature that allows you to enter training records for classroom or seminar type instruction.

Comprehensive Reporting

MasteryNet reporting makes it easy to manage your training. You are able to create reports in any hierarchy you desire. You have complete control over what learners, groups and courses appear in your report. You can also filter those items by date range, completion status, fulfillment type and more. You can export any report immediately to a spreadsheet.

MasteryNet will allow you to launch and track any SCORM compliant training and even training from non-SCORM compliant sources such as documents, streaming video, Flash, HTML, PDF files, PowerPoints and more.

Use MasteryNet to certify your workers. MasteryNet can print both “wallet cards” and full sized certificates for your learners. Most of our off-the-shelf courses qualify for CEUs (continuing education units). Your certificates will reflect the qualifying number of CEUs. We can also perform a service to qualify your own custom courses for CEUs.